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Tortilla de Patatas

In the U.S. people tend to think of Mexican food when they hear the word tortillas. But in Barcelona, the word has a complete different meaning. A tortilla there is similar to an omelet, and is often made with potatoes. Tortilla de Patatas is a really common item to find at restaurants in Spain, either as a breakfast food or as an appetizer before a meal. But you don’t have to travel to Spain to experience what they taste like! Here’s how to make your own. The serving size will feed four people.


10 oz of potatoes
1 onion
3 eggs
olive oil


Peel and …



Is it just me, or have smoothies become HUGE lately? I see people posting pictures of them on blogs and Instagram everyday, getting more creative with each one. Green smoothies have gotten really popular, with people adding green vegetables like kale into a traditionally fruit-based drink. Ingredients like egg yolks and coconut oil also add a lot of nutritional value to smoothies. The fun part about making them is that you can add pretty much any ingredient you feel like! You can stick to one type of fruit, or add in eight. Different varieties of yogurt and milk make good …


A New Food Trend: Goat Cheese

There is a new food trend I’ve been noticing everywhere lately: goat cheese. Goat cheese is exactly what it sounds like, cheese that is made from the milk of a goat rather then the milk of a cow. But what makes it different and where did it come from?

The first time I had goat cheese is while I was living in Barcelona. I went to a local restaurant there, called Milk, for brunch one morning. I’m not big on breakfast foods, so I ordered off the limited lunch menu they offered. I got a salad that included chicken, beets, and …


Game Day Food

Yesterday was the AFC Championship Game. Being from Boston, I knew the Patriots were in it, but I didn’t even know what team we were playing until I sat down to watch the game. I watched the game the way I watch most sports games, cheering when the people around me cheer and pretending like I know why. 
Despite my complete lack of knowledge when it comes to football, I still enjoy watching the games. Why? Because of the food. Any time you watch a football game with friends, there is bound to be endless supplies of delicious food. My friend …


Paella Recipe

While in Barcelona, I was able to attend a cooking class at Cook And Taste. The local company has an instructor teach you how to cook dishes that are traditionally found in the Catalan region of Spain, such as Tortilla de Patatas (a potato omelette) and Crema Catalana (a milky dessert). I also learned how to cook once of my personal favorites, Paella.  It’s a staple at any Catalan restaurant, along with tapas and sangria. Paella is a rice based dish, usually with some kind of meat or fish, although you can make it vegetarian by omitting the meat and …


Food Television

This week, I’ve been staying at home everyday, sick with a cold. That meant no going out to eat, no baking, and lots of rest, hot tea, and chicken noodle soup. Since I was stuck at home and not at work, I was able to watch some of my favorite food TV shows that play during normal business hours. Here are my top 5 shows on The Food Network.

Of course, I must mention Sweet Genius since I am obsessed with desserts. In each episode, there are four American premier pastry chefs competing in three timed challenges for the grand prize of $10,000. …


Citrus-Marinated Chicken

It’s hard to believe the month of August is here already. With that said, I wanted to share with you a savory dish (not sweets this time) that I made from a recipe in the August 2013 issue of Bon Apétit magazine: citrus-marinated chicken thighs. The recipe was simple and easy to follow. At first, I was worried that the chicken might turn out on the dry side, since I had to broil the chicken. However, the magazine noted that “an herby and citrus marinade ensures juicy, tasty chicken.” Sure enough, the chicken was moist and full of bold citrus …


Tuna Salad in Avocado Halves

Reducing your risk of breast cancer could be as easy as opening a can of tuna. A review of 26 studies published a few weeks ago in the British Medical Journal  found that women who eat more omega-3 fatty acids had a lower risk of developing breast cancer.

Research also shows that omega-3s are good for the heart, by lowering triglycerides and bood pressure.
One of the best sources for omega-3s is fish. We all have a can of tuna gathering dust in the cupboard, but here’s how to dress it up a little more than the usual bland tuna salad. This …


Pretzel Paradise

pretzels from pickycook.com
Soft, chewy pretzels have been a favorite snack for hundreds of years. Originating in Germany, pretzels have become a staple at concerts and carnivals around the world. Whether you like them sweet and covered in cinnamon sugar, or savory and salty dipped in mustard, there’s a pretzel out there waiting to be customized to your personal taste buds.
And now you can make homemade pretzels with this convenient little gadget. The Nostalgia Electrics Soft Pretzel Maker will have family and friends in awe. The interchangeable, non-stick plates can either make two large or six small pretzels at one time.
from …


Garlic Goodness

garlic from eatingwell.com
One word: Garlic. I use garlic in so many things when I cook. Tomato sauce, mashed potatoes, stir-fried veggies; they all taste so much better when I add a little (but usually a lot more than a little) garlic.
For the amount of garlic I use when I cook it’s surprising that I don’t own a garlic press. Chopping garlic the old fashion way, mincing and slicing on my wooden cutting board, works pretty well. I still get the same delicious flavor, it just takes a little longer and leaves my fingers smelling like garlic for a couple days, …