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Oh My What a Week it Was!

Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer 2013 is now history!  The work has been done, the desserts have been enjoyed! Soon we will be letting you know about Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer 2014!
Let’s savor the results and efforts of Boston Bakes 2013 for a little while longer!
What a week it was!  Boston Bakes 2013 was dedicated to a very special and kind woman who lost her battle to breast cancer, Anna Guarino at the age of 60.  She gave so much to her family and community and is missed by all who knew her.  She lives in the heart of …


Remembering Dr. Emil Frei III

Remembering Dr. Emil Frei III

Emil “Tom” Frei III, MD, who served as Dana-Farber physician-in-chief and whose work led to some of the first cures for a variety of pediatric and adult cancers, passed away on April 30 at age 89. Below are some reflections from individuals who knew Dr. Frei.
First cures
Tom Frei was one of a handful of physicians who developed combination chemotherapy for cancer and produced the first cures of childhood leukemia. His was a massive contribution to medicine. Patients and trainees will remember him with deep respect.
— David G. Nathan, MD, Dana-Farber President Emeritus
Way ahead of his time
Tom’s …


My Story -Testing for the Breast Cancer Gene

Angelina Jolie decision to share her story about being tested for the breast cancer gene and undergoing a double mastectomy is major and will help so many men and women.  It is incredible that as such a public figure, she was able to keep her story private until she wanted to share it with the world.
Shared it now is!
Since writing her story on the Op-Ed page of the New York Times, every newspaper, news cast and social media is abuzz with her story. Her honesty and truthfulness will help many make a very tough decision.
Here is my story about how …


Boston Bites Back!

With two more days of Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer left for you to enjoy, another important fundraiser comes to the forefront! Boston Bites Back initiated by Ming Tsai and Ken Oringer as a way to help raise money for The One Fund and support the victims of the Marathon Bombing.

Our community united so quickly after the horrible events of April 15th – especially the restaurant community. Immediately they sprang into action.  Little did we know that Ming Tsai and Ken Oringer had something even bigger in mind!

Boston Bakes takes me a year to organize where desserts rule! This is …


Jill’s Story

After a breast cancer diagnosis from her local oncologist, Jill arrived at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for a second opinion.  During a time of uncertainty, Jill was comforted by the professional and compassionate staff at Dana-Farber.  When Jill worries she’ll have to circle the garage for a parking spot, she is greeted by valet staff.  When she is hungry during appointment-filled days, she goes to a snack station conveniently located on her clinical floor.  And when Jill has questions, her physicians, surgeons and entire care team are there to support her through treatment.  Dana-Farber is a special place that defines level …



Who can have their fill of desserts when it goes to such a good cause as breast cancer?  Not us!
Each year we are lucky to have more participants join our event and help us raise money for breast cancer!
We are even luckier that the patrons of our establishments show their support by ordering the Boston Bakes Desserts! We are lucky that many view our event like restaurant week and go to as many restaurants with their friends as possible! They go out to eat, bring desserts home, and give gifts when they shop on line!  Some might even freeze a …


Shop till You Drop and Raise Money for Breast Cancer!

Here at Bakes for Breast Cancer, one week out of the year, we raise money for breast cancer one sweet at a time with our event Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer which takes place each year during the week of Mother’s Day!  This year Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer takes place May 6-12, 2013!
We realized that many of our followers on Facebook and Twitter do not live in Massachusetts to enjoy the many sweets at restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, ice cream and chocolate shops, and Food Trucks to name a few of the many places desserts are offered in our effort …


Boston Bakes is finally here!

I thought I would have the time to write a blog and tell you more about our event.  Share so much with you. It is now after 3 in the afternoon on the first day and all seems to be going well in the world of Boston Bake which kicked off today and will run until May 12!
What I am going to do is to tempt you with all the desserts, the variety of desserts you can get for Boston Bakes at a participating location or by shopping online!
Join us as we make dessert history and raise money for breast …


Boston Bakes is more important than ever in 2013!

The participants have signed up! The desserts are getting ready to be made! Soon we will be waiting for you to visit one of our over 300 participants or for you to shop on line and help us raise money for breast cancer one sweet at a time!  The day we are waiting for you to help us is around the corner!  The time for you to help is sooner than later!  In fact Boston Bakes will start May 3 at specific Stop and Shop locations and all other locations May 6!
The money you help us raise will benefit breast …


A Note from Peter – Boston Strong

I could not use another title. Being a former marathoner, doing Boston like ten times, I can’t help but be touched  in so many ways by this bombing. I have a few of my friends still running in this great event and many others watching it.
Luckily none of friends or family got hurt. My thoughts and energy go out to to all who were victims of this event. I will not give these horrible people any of my energy, it reminds us that there are still some bad people in the world. What I would love to focus is …