Boston Bakes, a Sweet Event for Breast Cancer

The 15th annual Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer will take place May 5-11, 2014!

Fifteen years ago an event was created to help raise money for breast cancer research, one sweet at a time. We believe that anyone can make a difference in the fight against breast cancer by baking, buying or selling what we call, a dessert with a purpose.

Breast cancer touches the lives of so many women and men we know and love. During the week of Mother’s Day each year you can make a difference by simply purchasing desserts from one of our participating establishments. The event raises approximately $80,000 each year thanks to the sales of over 11,000 desserts!

Throughout the week of Mother’s Day, in communities across Massachusetts, participants ranging from restaurants and bakeries to supermarkets and online shops, join forces to raise money to find a cure for breast cancer in our lifetime by simply designating a dessert that can make a difference.

Participating establishments either donate 100% of the proceeds of one dessert on their menu or 50% of the proceeds from all desserts on their menu. Each year we welcome new participants and welcome back our regular supporting establishments to create wonderful desserts for you to enjoy, and feel good about purchasing. Check out where to find restaurants and bakeries that bake delicious desserts to benefit breast cancer and visit these establishments to enjoy their treats. Can’t visit a bakery that week? Shop and have desserts shipped to you or a loved one anywhere in the continental United States.

We are thrilled to have Dana-Farber Cancer Institute as a partner of Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer.  Over $750,000 in total has been raised from Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer for breast cancer research. Funds raised help conduct basic research, translational research, and clinical trials with the hope of eliminating all deaths from breast cancer, and, ultimately, eradicating the disease entirely.

We are raising money for breast cancer research, one sweet at a time! Over time, those sweets have added up to real impact and significant contributions to finding a cure. If you don’t want to wait until May, there are many other ways to get involved!